The today’s market is characterized by increased mobility and demand for new solutions for contemporary design.
Evropanel is a modern wood board material low in weight and with great stability, which allows unlimited design combinations.
It is manufactured by a main cardboard honeycomb core paper and it has chipboard surfaces in its both sides, which are coated with melamine or veneers. The use of honeycomb paper in the middle layer of the board for the EVROPANEL manufacturing, results in presenting the product a better relation between mechanical properties /weight.

  • Width: from 15 – 90 cm.
  • Length: 3,05 cm and 3,66 cm.
  • Thickness: from 5 cm – 7 cm.


  • Low weight.
  • Great dimensional stability.
  • Ergonomy.
  • Maximum design freedom.
  • Revolutionise in design and construction options.
  • Easy processing.
  • High factor of the relation between mechanical resistance/ density.


EVROPANEL can be used in many constructions like: shop fitting interior design and trade fair furnishings, interior doors, tables, shelves, home and offices interior design, partition walls constructions, for sound isolation and thermal one.

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